About Us

Alabama Contract Sales, Inc. (ACS) was founded in 1967 by Pete B. Turnham. Pete grew up on a farm outside LaFayette, AL. After high school graduation, he enrolled in Auburn University (Alabama Polytechnic School) making him the youngest member of his immediate family to attend college. While attending Auburn, Pete joined the ROTC and later became a decorated World War II combat veteran serving as a platoon leader under General Patton. Through his childhood, military service, and working his way through graduate school, Pete learned a lot about values, honesty, and importance of keeping your word. And it is with those ideals he founded ACS.

As news began to spread about ACS’s business philosophies and products so did our new orders. Pete knew he had to expand in order to deliver the service his customers so rightfully deserved. He hired his two sons, Tim and Joe, to manage the north and central territories of Alabama and Doyce Beard to manage South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Since our humble beginnings and through their careful guidance, ACS has grown to be one of the largest and most well respected companies within our industry.

Our customers consist of school superintendents, architects, designers, general contractors, and private companies. We represent nearly 100 manufacturers, many on State Contract, enabling ACS to offer the best solution for your particular project. As always, if we do not offer the best solution we exhaust our knowledge and resources to help find you a company which does offer you the best solution. We understand we are in a service industry and if we do not earn your repeat business we will be out of business! Our team has over 200 hundred years of combined knowledge and expertise. Please contact our company and give us the opportunity to demonstrate why over 90% of our customers are repeat customers!